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Sri Shiva

Lord Shiva is the Lord of mercy and compassion. He protects devotees from evil forces such as lust, greed and anger, and awakens wisdom in His devotees. It is from destruction that creation again rises; hence destruction is the ultimate cause, the unmanifest origin of creation. Shiva, the power of disintegration alone remains in the beginning and the end. The Lord’s attributes represent his victory over the demonic activity, and the calmness of human nature. His vehicle is a bull (symbol of happiness and strength) named Nandi. Shiva-Linga is a representation of him. Shiva temples have Shiva-Linga as the main deity.
Om jai shiv omkara, prabhu jai shiv omkara brahma vishnu sada shiv, ardhangii dhara om jai shiv omkara… Ekanana chaturanan panchanan raje hansanan, garuraasan vrishvahan saje om jai shiv omkara…. Do bhuja, chaar chaturbhuja dashabhuja ati sohe tiinon roop nirakhate tribhuvan jan mohe om jai shiv omkara… Aksamala vanamala mundamala dhari chandana mrigamad sohai bhole subhkari Jai shiv omkara… Shvetambara piitambara baaghambara ange brahmadhik sanakaadhik pretaadhik sange om jai shiv omkara… Karkey madhye kamandal chakra trishul dharta jagkarta jagharta jagapalan karta jai shiv omkara… Brahma vishnu sadashiva janata aviveka pranavaksar ke madhaya yeh tinonh eka om jai shiv omkara… Trigun swami ki aarti jo koi nar gave swami prem sahit gave kahata shivananda swami mana vanchita phala pave jai shiv omkara…

Start by learning the stories, attributes, and significance associated with that deity. Engage in temple activities, attend lectures or discourses, or consult sacred scriptures. Open-minded exploration and genuine curiosity are key.

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