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Sri Garuda

Garuda with the head and wings of eagle and sometimes with the rest of his body like that of a man is called the king of birds and he is also the carrier of god Vishnu. Garuda is the subject of numerous mythological stories in Mahabharata and other Purana. Vinita, the wife of Kashyap, the progenitor of gods and men, laid an egg and became the mother of this bird-god. Garuda is also known by another name of Vinayak, which name he shares with god Ganesh. Thus this god-bird is thought to be the remover or destroyer of obstacles. Garuda is not separately worshipped widely as an independent god; he is worshipped together with Vishnu. His image is placed near Vishnu in temples and in pictures he is shown as carrying Vishnu in the skies on its back.

Start by learning the stories, attributes, and significance associated with that deity. Engage in temple activities, attend lectures or discourses, or consult sacred scriptures. Open-minded exploration and genuine curiosity are key.

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